How to Update/Remove “Home” Link From Forum Breadcrumbs

If your having any issue with forum members clicking the forum bread crumb “Home” link and being taken away from your CustomerHub site to your WordPress site, then this article is for YOU!

There are 2 different ways to fix this each for different circumstances.

Circumstance #1:

-You have a separate WordPress installation used for your forum ONLY-

In this case the fix is extremely easy.

Step 1: Log into your WordPress forum admin area, hover over the Settings tab to the lower left side of the page and click on Reading.

Step 2: Next click the A static page radio button and then select Forum in the dropdown menu and save the changes.

and PRESTO now when a member clicks that “Home” link it will take them to the forum home and not your WordPress home page.

Circumstance #2:

-You have installed the forum on your main website and you are also iframing the forum into your CustomerHub site-

In this Circumstance the fix is a little more advanced but it is still doable. we are going to hide the “Home” link using the code below.

#spMainContainer #spBreadCrumbs a:nth-child(1){ display: none!important; }

Step 1: Log into your WordPress forum admin area, click the Forum tab to the left side of the page and click on Themes.

Step 2: Next click the Theme Editor link and this will open up the SimplePress Theme Editor.

(*Note: Be carful you can mess up your forum if you change or delete anything from the Editor Page.)

Step 3: Finally Scroll all the way to the bottom of the Editor, after all the other code and paste in the code from above then click the Update File.

(*Note: Remember where you pasted the code incase you want to remove it in the future.)

Thats it! Congratulations your forum is now ready to go.